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It was surpringly hard to find background information on Maja Ratkje. But, from what i know, she is a very young female artist was was born on 29 December 1973 in  Trondheim, Norway. She also seems to perform in many places and perform many different things. For example, is a member of Spunk, a Norwegian improv group, and Agrare, a performance trio consisting of noise and also the Swedish dancer Lotta Melin. From hearing her pieces, it’s very calming, like something I would fall asleep to. I listened to her piece called “Breathe”,  and I almost got lost underneath my eyelids. There is a lot of connection to nature, it seems.

Despite being a young female artist, she seems to have much exposure to many collaborations with more “famous” sound artist such as Jaap Blonk and JazzKammer. I think she’s probably one of the most modern sound artist. Looking at her website, I discovered that she has Twitter. I think I might download some of her sounds for when I can’t sleep. I’m sure it’ll put my right off.



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