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When I first heard Paul Dutton, I was not sure what to think because all I was listening to was just a recording. Then, I searched up videos instead because I thought I might be able to get a better understanding of what he was trying to express. I did, but I was slightly confused, his voice didn’t really seem to match his face or body, in my eyes. From hearing his voice, I didn’t picture such a large, jolly looking man who was making these sounds. For me, it added a level of curiousity. As I watched/listened to Dutton, my attention for his art grew on me. I could see that this man was pouring his soul into his work and it was quite inspiring, even though I’m definitely no sound artist  myself. After I read a bit about him, I found out that he has been working with sound art for over 30 years. It really shows.

Dutton was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1943. I was quite surprised when I discovered that he was a Canadian poet, novelist, and essayist, along with being ranked among the worlds leading sound artists. He appears in numerous shows all accross Canada, the United States, and Europe.With an early background in choral singing, British folk music, blues, and creative writing, Dutton first began exploring oral sound art as one of The Four Horsemen, a group that worked with textual material and improvisational vocal sound. He is similar to sound artists that I’ve heard because many of them make the same sounds and experiment with similar prefrences. Although he is also very different at the same time because he seems to incorporate many words into his pieces, which I find  more entertaining. For now, Paul Dutton is top on the list of MY favourite sound artists.



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