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When I hear the word Poetry, I think of a dark smoke filled room with people sitting at tables, lit up with candles and at the front of the room, there’s someone reading a poem filled with rhymes and rhythms into a microphone. The room is completely quiet except for the poet. When he/she finishes, instead of clapping, everyone begins to snap their fingers in praise. But, those are just my first thoughts. When I think deeply into poetry, I think of revelations, art, expression, and empowerment.  To me, it’s an expression of your art form, that makes you feel empowered. To a dancer, dancing can be their form of poetry, depending on how they interpret it. If you’re a writer, and you read something or write something that makes you feel something deep down inside, that can be your poetry. When something “snaps you into a different state of mind”, or “rings your bell”, I think that’s when something is really poetry. One mans poem, may be on man gibberish, and one mans gibberish, may in fact be one of the most beautiful experiences for another man.

Something I found interesting from the discussion in class was the separation of poetry from music (when you’re considering poetry as words). Poetry and music can both rhyme, repeat them selves, and have verses and stanza’s, can’t they? So I’m just wondering where you draw the line, in terms of separating them. Maybe to a producer, music is poetry. Maybe to a poet, poetry is music. Maybe it’s just your interpretation of what you hear and feel, rather than what you’re taught to hear and feel. I also found it interesting the way people jumped to such quick conclusions about whether the things we listened to were poetry, as I was still on the fence and couldn’t actually give a legitimate answer. Maybe I missed something.

All in all, I think how you define poetry is based on your interpretation of what you see and what you hear. I think it has a lot to do with your understanding for an art-form. Take sound poetry for example, some people might think it’s so whack and don’t understand why people would spend time to do this, but for others it seems like such a passion. I think you have to appreciate what you’re experiencing to truly grasp the true meaning.


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