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When I watched this video, I laughed SO SO SO SO hard. At first, I had no idea what to expect from this because the title of the video was confusing to me. But, as I started to watch I started to understand and I could relate to what Taylor Mali was trying to express more and more. Then the funnier it became. I think everyone has those moments when they’re in a rush to finish something and the words don’t come out the way them want to. From personal experiences, this has happened A LOT. Especially when I’m writing and I write “the…”, stop to think for a moment, then continue with “…the blah blah blah.” but, it turns out as “the the blah blah blah”. It’s quite frustrating. Especially when I hand in a paper like that, I think the teacher must think I’m retarded or something.

What Taylor Mali did in his poem was basically write it in a way that spell check wouldn’t catch, especially if you didn’t proofread. I wonder if you actually typed out his poem in a word document if the spell check would catch any mistakes. I’m pretty tempted to do it, but I have so much work to do.  Through this poem, he made many random lines that were very funny,  but true like: “This is a problem the effects manly manly students all over the word”, “there are several mist aches that a spell checker can’t can’t catch catch”. These statements caught my ears the most. I’m tempted now to try and write a whole assignment in this type of coded message to see what teachers say- be prepared Ms. Parrish.

I’m pretty sure this could be classified as an idea about poetry. Probably not all in this form, but writing something so totally out of the ordinary, but people know exactly what you’re trying to say. Like “thou art as temperate as a summers day,” even though it may be an old or even strange form of saying something, people tend to figure out the true meaning behind statements like this. Especially in certain contexts.

Though, I was pretty confused as to what type of poem this would be classified as. Maybe a lyric poem? All in all, this was a very well written piece to me.


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