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According to, music is defined as: “An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.” I didn’t think that it was possible to define the way I feel about music… But, this definition basically puts my thoughts into words. To me, music really is an art. Even though it might be difficult to believe, I love to indulge my senses into a wide variety of music. That’s right, I mean EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. Give some country music, give me some heavy metal, give me some blues, give me anything, and I’ll find a way to find beauty in it. I may have said it in some earlier investigations or journal entries, but it really is one of the reasons I love to wake up every morning. Sure, it’s corny.. But, it’s true. You know that feeling of putting your headphones on and plugging that headphone cable into the headphone jack? That’s when my day really starts. I listen to music in the shower, while I’m lying in bed, talking on the phone, eating breakfast, walking to the bus stop, to and from classes, everywhere. So to say it’s an interest I have is quite an understatement. I was about to give you a list of tons of music genres, but looking into it… There are SO MANY more than I thought there originally were. That makes me feel good. I think it should be impossible for someone say they don’t like/listen to music. Why not, right? There’s a style for everyone.

Some music genres I favour are dancehall, soca, funk, jazz, motown but hip hop and rap, that’s where my hearts at. I love music that’s hard hitting, especially with a heavy bass, but also has the potential to be calm and relaxing. The way I see it, music can fit any mood you’re in and help to relate to you in any way, shape or form. It is a universal language of awesomeness. Hip-hop was developed in the Bronx, NewYork. With rap music, it used to be to get a message across to its listeners. To stress the problems with poverty and inequality. But, lately I and many others feel as though it has lost it’s path. Instead of hoes, guns and cars.. I think it should have a deeper meaning. But I think it’s ultimately an amazing form of self expression that can be closely related to poetry. The rhymes and melodies seem to relate a lot to me.

Some interesting new genres I found are Funk Metal, Dondang sayang, Champeta, and black  metal. Funk Metal is the 1980s combination of funk, heavy metal and punk rock. Dondang sayang is slow folk music that mixes Malaysian forms with Portuguese, India, Chinese and Arabic music. ( I don’t know why, but that makes me laugh so hard.) Champeta is a Colombian musical form derived from African communities in Cartagena. Black metal is highly distorted and swift form of heavy metal. Even though these genres sound totally out of my world, I think they will actually be mad dope to listen to and I plan to search them up.

As I read on and on, one of the genres I came more interested in was Metal. There are tons of different sub-categories that I had no idea even existed until I did this investigation. I mentioned funk metal before, but there are so many others such as death metal, power metal, glam metal, thrash metal, black metal and so much more. I had braces for years, and that’s still a LOT of metal. Ms. Parrish showed me a book called “The top 500 Heavy Metal Albums of All Time” which was a review of 500 heavy metal albums written by Martin Popoff. Usually this form of music is seen as a dark type of music and people tend to shy away from it, but Martin Popoff speaks about this music as it is an art. He basically wrote a “bible” about this music and I think it would be really interesting to read, even though I don’t listen to much heavy metal. I’m tempted to hear all of the music by bands such as Black Sabbath, Kiss, Metallica, and many of the other more recognized bands. I’m really glad I did this investigation on music. It gave me so much more insight onto things in music I had never even considered before.

But, on somewhat of  a lighter not.. Here are some types of music I listen to. Enjoy! :


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