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One of the books I think I would enjoy reading is The Inquisition Your written by the acclaimed poet Jenn Currin. The review or synopsis of this book states that this book is where the author continues her exploration of surrealist lyric poems. She claims “it may be the best poetic mode for capturing the complexities of lived experience.” Also, that this book speaks to the heartache of our time such as war, environmental destruction, terrorism, cancer, etc. This book must be somewhat enjoyable because it was on the 2011 ReLit poetry award shortlist! I find it quite amusing that out of all the poetic forms there are she would say this form would likely be the best in capturing the complexities of life. I think it would be interesting to read something written by someone of such imagination and great poet skill, especially on such a complex idea such as the problems of like. I am also very interested in the vibe surrealist poems give off, so I’m curious to see how they would be written in such a serious manner, rather than chaotic dreams. I want to see what kind of effect a poet like this could have on the world and people in the world.

The second book I think I might enjoy reading is Lookout written by John Steffler. John Steffler is indeed a Canadian and his book was also shortlisted for the 2011 Griffin Poetry Prize. The summary I read states that “As always, his poems inhabit experience fully, senses on high alert, transmitting the abundance and turbulence of physical existence; they are charged with the raw Eros of being.” His poems have a lot to do with the environment and landscape that we usually take for granted and don’t recognize as beautiful. Where as, he takes what he sees and feels and puts then into full perspective. It says that no doubt about it, you will not find a better environmental poet out there than John Steffler. For starters, I don’t think I’ve every read or heard an environmental poem out loud, so that’s what initially caught my attention. But, after reading the summary, I went on to watch part of a reading from this book. I was pretty amused by what I heard and I’m interested to read more.

The third book that I thought I might be interested in is The Book of Snow written by François Jacqmin and translated by Philip Mosley. This book was originally written in french by François Jacqmin, a french-speaking Belgium poet who fled to England during the dark times in Germany in 1940. Later on, it was translated to English by Philip Mosley.  This book was also shortlisted for the 2011 Griffin Poetry Prize. The summary I read says “An intriguing set of short, deceptively simple poems, The Book of the Snow meditates on the austere beauty and elemental power of the midwinter scene.” This sentence caught my attention at once, since winter is actually on of my favourite seasons. As I said before, I’ve never read poems about the environment so I’m pretty curious to see how this would sound. I would also be interested in these poems because the are said to be short, and deceptively simple poems, so I think they might be easy to follow, and keep my attention well.

Although all of these books seem interesting, if I had to choose one of the three, I would choose The Inquisition Your. It really does seem to fit into a more safe and entertaining zone for me in terms of keeping my attention- as it does often wear thin.


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